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Vacuum Pumps

  • Black Box Hurricane Vacuum System
    Hurricane Vacuum Pump

    Hurricane Vacuum Pump

    From: $3,195.00
  • Black Box Cyclone Vacuum System
    Cyclone Vacuum Pump

    Cyclone Vacuum Pump

    From: $2,495.00
  • Black Box Storm Vacuum System
    Storm Vacuum Pump

    Storm Vacuum Pump

    From: $1,695.00


  • Grip-Lock mat photo

    Black Box Grip-Lock Mat

  • Accessories

    All Star Tile Gasket 1/16″ Thick

    From: $275.20
  • Sale! Image of canister filter for Hurricane and Cyclone vacuum systems
  • Sale! Image of canister filter for Storm vacuum system

    Canister Filter for Storm Vacuum Pump

  • Image of stainless steel gate valve

    Gate Valve


Replacement Parts

  • Image of replacement vacuum motor
    Replacement Parts

    Replacement Vacuum Motor

  • Image of replacement brush kit for extended life brush motor
  • Image of motor gasket
    Replacement Parts

    Motor Gasket

  • Sale! Image of canister filter replacement filter
    Canister Filters

    Canister Filter Replacement Filter

  • Image of replacement exhaust boot
    Replacement Parts

    Exhaust Boot

  • Image of replacement circuit breaking switch
    Replacement Parts

    Replacement Power Switch

  • Image of cooling fan O-ring seal

    Cooling Fan O-Ring Seal

  • Image of Hurricane cooling air replacement filter
  • Image of replacement motor cap for extended life brush motor
    Replacement Parts

    Motor Cap XL

  • Image of replacement exhaust fan
    Cooling Fan

    Exhaust Fan

  • Image of replacement pressure gauge

    Pressure Gauge

  • Image of Storm cooling air replacement filter
  • Image of Cyclone cooling air replacement filter
  • Black flat billed baseball cap merch

    Flat Bill Hat

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