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Black Box Vacuum Solutions is proud to be a pioneer in single phase vacuum pumps for CNC routers. All of our pumps are made in our factory in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. We are a family owned company that strives to build the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Coming from a CNC manufacturer background, the owner of Black Box Vacuum Solutions realized the need for a single phase vacuum pump that was suitable for the rugged environment of CNC production. This was simply not available in the market. In 2013, Black Box Vacuum Solutions teamed up with others who saw the same need and had been working on a solution since 2010. After many tests, we were able to offer our first pump to the market in late 2013. Since that time, we have continued to develop new products and to improve the design and performance of all of our products. Black Box Vacuum Solutions is proud to partner with several OEM manufacturers who offer our products on their CNC machines. Earning the trust of these manufacturers has always been of upmost importance to us. We hope to continue to offer the best single phase vacuum hold down pumps to the market for many years to come.


CanCam has been able to allow their customers to greatly benefit by pairing their CNC routers with vacuum pumps from Black Box Vacuum Solutions. The unique design with single phase power in mind without sacrificing CFM and inHg offers a quality solution to remedy a problem we no longer have.
President/CEO, CanCam
As a CNC Router manufacturer, it is important for us to have a reliable vacuum holddown solution that we can offer our customers with single phase power. CAMaster has been offering Black Box Vacuum pumps for over 3 years. Their quality and support is exceptional.
President/CEO, CAMaster Inc.
Three years ago, I purchased an import CNC machine, that was my first mistake. My second mistake was buying a 3-phase converter that I would have to use if I wanted a vacuum table. It used 50 amps of electricity and burned up within the first 6 months. It took a month-and-a-half to receive another one under the warranty. When I was told it would take this long to get a new vac motor, I started looking around and making calls and I had someone suggest that I call Paul at Black Box Vacuum Solutions. Paul carefully explained to me how his vac system worked and I purchase one which I received in a quick amount of time. I am here to tell you that the Black Box Hurricane has twice the hold-down power of the import one running at peak of 30 amps on single phase 220v. The 3-phase converter went out the door right along with the import hobbyist CNC machine. I cut my losses with that equipment and purchased a CAMaster along with the Black Box Hurricane and have been making money ever since. Any help, advice, suggestions, Paul is there for you when you need him. He has always returned my calls, and my emails promptly. As far as I'm concerned there is no other solution for the CNC machine and small shops with limited electricity. Good equipment built by good folks.
Satisfied Customer
I am a small business owner. As a retailer, I know the customer has the right to spend his money with any company of his choice. This makes me picky as to what companies and products I choose to attach my name to. I look for four main points when I vet any potentially new products.

1. Is the product of good quality and craftsmanship?
2. Will this product help my customers and fill a need?
3. Is this product properly supported by the manufacturer?
4. Is this product made in the USA?

The products at Black Box Vacuum Solutions have passed this test with flying colors. Their flagship product “The Hurricane” fills a huge gap in the industry. It is a crossover between a DIY with a shop vac and huge expensive industrial units. With your products, I can offer my customers a turnkey solution that doesn't break the bank, giving them high performance without the need of three phase power. To all at BBV, keep up the good work!

Owner, US Router Tools
I have two CNC routers in my facility. One, I bought used, with no vac system on it. I then bought a new CNC as business grew that came with a Becker pump that cost 11k. After learning how vacuum hold-down speeds up my production, I needed one on my older machine. After doing my research and finding out I had to stay under a certain number of amps I decided I would settle on a Hurricane from Black Box Vacuums. After getting it hooked up, I got a pleasant surprise, as the unit well surpassed my expectations. Now after 2 years in a production shop I can tell you it is less up front and in maintenance cost. I use it to cut the same parts as my larger machine without any worries. When I need a third CNC, I will not settle, I will have a hurricane on it as well.
Satisfied Customer
I still have not sealed the sides of my spoilboard, and nothing on the table moves. It's really cool. I was not wrapping my head around sucking through MDF, but hey, it works! I started with MDF, and went and found LDF (Low Density) they both work the same. This thing is a lot more powerful than they give it credit for. I guess they don't want to over promise, but I feel they over delivered!
Satisfied Customer
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